Renewal of Vows

Many couples decide to renew their wedding vows some time after their marriage.

There are lots of reasons why you and your partner might choose to renew your vows:

• Maybe you had a small, private wedding and now you want to affirm the happiness of your marriage to a larger circle of friends and family.

• Maybe your marriage has come through some challenging times and you are proud to take this opportunity to celebrate your strength as a couple.

• Maybe you have reached a significant milestone in your marriage and you just want your friends and family to know how happy you are!

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to include your friends, children, and even grandchildren, in restating the importance of your life partnership.

I will work with you to develop a personalised and meaningful ceremony.

Afterwards, I will present you with a special “Renewal of Vows Certificate” keepsake.

Please contact me here with any enquiries.

Baby Naming Ceremony

You don’t want a “religious” ceremony, but you do want a spiritual celebration for your child in a special and significant way!

• You may want to present your child to your family and friends.

• You may want to express your hopes and dreams for your child’s future.

• You may want to publicly affirm your commitment to being a loving and caring parent.

• You may want your family and friends to join with you and affirm

• You may want to share your happiness and delight.

• You may have adopted a child or maybe you are blending families with a new partner.

• Maybe your child is no longer a baby and wants his or her own special name.

What better way to celebrate the significance than to have a Naming Ceremony? I will work with you to develop a memorable and enjoyable occasion.

Afterwards, I will present you with a special “Naming Certificate” you can keep or gift to your child.

If you have any enquiries please contact me by phone or email or use my contact form here.

Help To The Rescue

img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-206″ title=”beacon autumn 1″ src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”225″ height=”300″ />Sometimes in the chaos of arranging a wedding, stress and tension replace calm, joy and excitement. Maybe your mother is trying to control you or your bridesmaids can’t agree on a dress, your sister in law is bent out of shape because she’s not in the wedding party, your grandmother is freaking out because you’re not getting married in a church or your in-laws are not getting along with your parents. If you and your partner look at each other and ask, “is this really worth it?” then it’s time to reach into your love for each other and for your sanity. Come seek out a “little piece of heaven” where no Order of Service or seating arrangement is mentioned. Come and rest awhile in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

In the quiet and calm of Beacon Hermitage you will find a place that allows you both an opportunity to focus on what really matters: your relationship and future happiness. It helps you deal with the most important issues related to planning a wedding – you and your partner.

Call to mind the loving experiences and “feel good moments” with your partner that will empower you both to remember why you are getting married.
 This marriage is a public declaration and commitment of your love for each other that you hope will inspire and enrich you for a life time.

Delve into your creativity for inspiration and self expression on your personal path to the altar of life. 
Seek each other’s beauty of spirit. This is the soul who is entrusting to you their life.
 Find the reassurance from each other to walk steady into a journey that will need your strength, patience, wisdom, forgiveness, charity, joy and love.

Beacon Hermitage affords you the opportunity to take a walk or hike in the surrounding mountains or paths that envelop it. Or enjoy a stroll in the beautiful towns of Beacon or Cold Spring. Appreciate what these towns have to offer- shopping, sightseeing, antiquing or the many variety eateries from cafes, casual eating to elegant restaurants. All within a short drive from The Hermitage or a brisk walk on either direction.

Beacon Hermitage is my home. Here you will find a warm welcome and comfortable furnishing to relax and find for each other that feeling of love. My home is beautifully decorated and you have access to all public areas as well as having your own bedroom. Make your self at home by enjoying all it’s facilities.

Please ask me for availability and early booking is recommended as this is a popular attraction for holidaymakers, weekend guests and couples like yourselves.

Memorial Service

A Memorial Ceremony marks the passing of an interval of time after the death of a loved one.

It is a way of remembering them and reconnecting with the friends and family who were part of the deceased person’s life and who treasure their memory.

A Memorial Ceremony is positive and affirming, because it restates the importance of the dead person’s life.

It is also healing, because time has passed and the initial grief has had time to soften into acceptance.

Iwould like to share some beautiful ideas if you are considering a memorial ceremony.

Please contact me directly or ask your Funeral Director to contact me by phone or email or use the contact me page on this website.


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