If you are arranging a wedding, we will work together over a period of weeks or months to choose and shape the words, readings and music that express exactly the deep feelings of love you have for each other and your dreams for the future.

Please read some of my couple comments and testimonials.

There aren’t enough words to express how happy we were with Jim Rooney as our officiant. I am still getting compliments several months later about how great he was! From the moment we met him on our first skype call, we knew he was the perfect officiant for us. He is passionate about what he does and so eloquent with his words and always reminded us the real reason we were getting married. I would highly recommend meeting with him in Beacon on a retreat. It’s great because he gets to know you better as a couple to make the ceremony more personal, but also its a great time as a couple to take a step back, hike and swim in beautiful Beacon, and relax a bit before the wedding! (plus he cooked an amazing breakfast!)

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and I still get chills thinking about it. It was so personal and special and romantic (and I’m not saying that just because it was ours haha) He really worked with us to make it “ours” but also brought a lot of his elements, got our friends and family involved, and even surprised us a bit 🙂 It was perfect and he will work with you to get exactly the ceremony you want. The nice thing is Jim provides lots of example ceremonies, passages, poems, vows, etc etc to help guide you in making the perfect ceremony whether you want a religious or non-religious ceremony. Our was a perfect mix of Irish catholic, christian, and most import US… Absolutely perfect.

The last thing I think that is important for a bride to know is Jim is super easy to get ahold of via email, phone,etc. He communicates great and there is no guessing game so you will never have to worry…

If we could get married again, we 100+% would use Jim…in fact we have a couple friends that are hoping to have him officiate their wedding.
Lindsey and Dennis

While looking for an officiant, I stumbled across Rev. Jim Rooney here on wedding wire. As soon as I contacted him, he immediately responded to us and we set up a date to meet.
Danny and I went to his home in Beacon to meet with him. He asked us personal questions, the usual.. how did we meet? why do we want to get married? what do we love about each other? Basically a whole bunch of questions that had me crying the entire time (hey, pouring your heart out to someone is an emotional thing!) After we met with him, we both knew we didn’t even need to look at anyone else.
We met with him a few more times and exchanged emails. We had a retreat at his home. He led us to a path and had Danny and I walk down to the river. We had 2 tasks to complete before we were allowed back. (This was 4 days before our wedding)
1. Tell each other how we were feeling.
2. To tell each other one thing we were each going to say in our vows to each other, and why. (we were exchanging our own vows)
To be quite honest, I was dreading this. I was a nervous + emotional wreck with the wedding being so close. Of course my fiance forced me to follow through with what Jim asked of us. I have never felt better after I did both of them. I was calm, excited, and all my worries about the wedding were gone.
Rev. Jim Rooney is an amazing man. Our wedding this past weekend was absolutely beautiful. The ceremony was amazing and everyone was asking about him. Our ceremony was not serious at all, we were laughing, the guests participated in the blessing of our rings. It was so personal, words can not express how thankful I am to have had Jim marry us. He was such a big part in our day.
Erin and Dan

We can’t recommend Rev. Jim enough! Our ceremony was perfect (content, time & laughs) & people are still commenting on it. From the moment we met with Rev. Jim, we knew he was the perfect choice. Rev. Jim focused on getting to know us (over meetings in the city, a great lunch at his retreat center) & incorporating “our story”, as well as the traditional religious elements. Rev. Jim shared ceremony ideas & prayers to help us start planning the ceremony but we were really able to make it unique and our own, which everyone at our wedding commented on. Rev. Jim was calm, fun and had great insight – he frequently reminded us the importance our vows & marriage. The meeting at his retreat center came at the perfect time – allowing us to personalize our ceremony and reflect on what our vows meant. The day of the wedding Rev. Jim did a fantastic job – he knew our ceremony, added a few laughs & incorporated our family & friends. Rev. Jim has a “ring blessing” tradition that incorporates guests which is a fun addition to get everyone involved. Rev. Jim was incredibly professional, responsive and flexible. He addressed all of our concerns in pre-wedding meetings, came to our rehearsal and was always on time. When I was late in submitting the final edits to the ceremony during the hectic last minute days, Rev. Jim casually sent me a reminder email. I was raised Catholic and my husband Jewish and Protestant. We got married outside at our reception venue & as a result, a Catholic priest wasn’t able to marry us. It was important to me that our ceremony incorporate as many Catholic traditions and prayers as possible. Rev. Jim worked with us to identify what could be incorporated and how to still maintain the personalization. This is one of the most important days of your life – you want it to be perfect, personalized, memorable and not boring for the guests. Rev. Jim brought all of that to our ceremony – it was perfect in every way and we so enjoyed working with him.
Danielle and Matt

Ok, here is the short version. Rev Jim is the absolute best and made our ceremony amazing. I would recommend him 100 times over and after your first conversation with him, you will know he is the best choice to officiate your ceremony.
Long version: we found Rev Jim on wedding wire and after reading all of his reviews, decided to reach out. We had our initial Skype meeting and I was already in tears by his beautiful thoughts on love and marriage and how he truly wanted to hear our story.
Throughout the entire process, he was kind and genuine and touched our hearts. He invited us to his house and we ate together and talked through every detail of the story that brought us together. We left feeling loved, and confident that our ceremony would be personal, joyful and insightful.
Day of, Rev Jim was at the venue early and made sure to spend some time with me, reassuring me that I looked beautiful and the ceremony would be an amazing celebration of love. And, I tell you – it was. He was charming and funny and made sure the ceremony was about us. There was not a dry eye in the room. When I was shaking up there, all I had to do was look at Jim with his calming presence and then was able to focus on what that moment meant.
At the reception, almost every guest mentioned how amazing he was and how it was the most beautiful ceremony they attended. One guest rightfully said “There was no fluff, every word was meaningful and honest.” That was exactly what we asked for and I can truly say it was the most beautiful moments of my life.
Thank you Rev Jim Rooney. We will never forget the gift you have to us.
Cristy and Ben

Reverend Jim officiated our wedding this past weekend. We cannot say enough great things about him and our ceremony. He was truly amazing, his words were heartfelt and meaningful, and he made our ceremony very special. Our family and friends have not stopped complimenting us on how great he was. He really takes the time to connect with the couples he marries and with the audience he speaks to. He also invited us to his home for brunch a few weeks before our wedding. It was a wonderful afternoon of conversation and great food, which allowed us to really get to know him and speak about what we wanted out of our ceremony. Overall, we could not be happier with our choice and our ceremony.
Jill and Matt

My husband and I were referred to Rev. Rooney by our venue. From my first conversation with Jim I had a good feeling about working with him. Aside from being very kind and thoughtful, I felt as though he was invested in getting to know us. Throughout the process of speaking and meeting with Jim, he made it a personal and welcoming experience. Not only did we get to know Jim but he also had such a wonderful ability that led us to growing closer in our relationship. As part of the meeting process, I felt like a guest in his home. playing with his adorable dog Angus and being blessed with some of his wonderful cooking! During the last meeting, Jim sent us out on a hike in the trails behind his home. The whole process reminded us why we were getting married, in addition to the investment that would be required by both in any sucessful marriage.
The ceremony was amazing and I am still receiving compliments on how special it was. Rev. Rooney incorporated what was important to us and our family in such a unique and personal way. As flexible as he was during the planning process he was also very helpful and gave us great recommendations for our ceremony. My husband and I are both Roman Catholic so our experience has always been very traditional, leading us to experience some initial hesitantly in having such a personal and family oriented ceremony. I’m so glad we listened to his suggestions because I can’t stress enough as to how much we loved the ceremony. We and our guests smiled, laughed and cried throughout it all! What a wonderful experience!
Tara and Matt

Jim made our day so special.
The beauty of having him officiate is that he goes through the process with you. He wants you to have the personalized wedding of your dreams. He sends a million documents that take a while to read through, but the flexibility to create your own ceremony, isn’t something that is easily come by.
My husband is Catholic. I am not. I’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding; he wanted to get married in a Church. Jim was the answer. He could do Kevin’s family justice by a partial Catholic, partial spiritual, partial traditional, partial Irish or Scottish..basically he can do whatever it is the couple desires.
Jim also asked us over for a bite to eat and a retreat walk on his AMAZING land. Kevin and I were so stressed leading up to the big day, so that break in nature really brought us back to one another.
Jim, thank you so much for marrying us. You were such a light. (and thanks for wearing your kilt.)
Kevin and Hannah

Jim was not only an integral part of our ceremony, he has become a part of our story as a couple. He shared so much with us, brought us into his home and taught us so much about the commitment we were making. His wisdom about marriage helped us craft a ceremony that was uniquely expressive of our ideals, and was inspiring for our friends and family. He took the time to know us, know our story and our relationship, so much that by the time we stood up to take our vows, he spoke as a friend. He is a lovely man, wise and generous with his time and thoughts. He’s an experienced celebrant of marriage, and so good with sharing instructive insight with couples finding their way through a big step. We can’t thank him enough, and choosing him was as good a decision as the one to marry each other!
Kevin and Jessica

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