If you are arranging a funeral, I will respond very quickly to your request for a qualified, experienced and sympathetic civil celebrant.
The death of a loved one can be a difficult time for many people. Families are forced to plan funerals and help create a lasting memory for all who once knew the deceased person. One detail needed for a memorial service is a master of ceremonies. As your funeral celebrant I assume the duties of controlling the flow of a memorial service. During this event, I offer spiritually uplifting phrases to help all guests find peace with their loss.
Gather Information:
As your funeral celebrant I take time to speak with the remaining family members. During this time, I gain information regarding the life lived by the deceased person. Information regarding past employment history, favorite part of certain jobs and work-related memories will start a memorial service speech. All information gained is used to eloquently portray the beauty of the life that was once held. As celebrant I will discuss my own personal memories if the deceased was known to me, and discuss memories that families and friends have shared. Learning about the children, grandchildren and close family relationships a deceased had helps me determine the proper spiritual phrases and Biblical verses to use during a sermon.
Create a Lasting Impression:
Funerals help families find closure and come to terms with the death and loss of a loved one. As your celebrant I will open the floor to the funeral attendees. This gives family and friends the opportunity to share a personal experience or fond memory about the person who has passed with everyone else who loved him. The process of sharing positive memories helps each person find closure in knowing that the death is not a life lost, but a celebration of the life that was once lived. Finally, the service is drawn to a close with a choice phrase that indicates to survivors that their loved ones is safe, happy and would not want them to be sad. The verses and phrases chosen for a service are based upon information and background of the deceased person and his family. Deeply religious phrases may be used for a Catholic funeral, whereas lighter, common phrases may be used for a nondenominational service.
Direct the Service:
From greeting people at the door of the funeral home, to conducting the service, to the graveside and then to the reception, I will help coordinate the funeral service. My duties as funeral celebrant include starting and ending the service at the funeral home, continuing the service at the graveside and then ultimately directing the family and friends to a reception.
Stipend for services is $250.
Mileage fee applies for venues over 5 miles from Beacon NY. For every mile from Beacon is $2.00 one way.
For funerals and memorial services in NYC and LI an additional $100 surcharge is added to cover bridge and parking fees. with additional charge for NYC

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