Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is not legally binding like a marriage, but is a way of publicly affirming your love and dedication to each other as a couple.

You may want to express and celebrate your commitment to each other with all the formality and solemnity of a marriage ceremony.

Or, you may prefer a more informal, but equally meaningful, expression of your love before close friends and family.

Please note, as from July 24th 2011 I have the honour and pleasure to officiate at same sex marriages. If you would like my services for a wedding please look at my “wedding section”.

Am I the right celebrant for you? You can read a bit more about me here, and also please have a look at my photo gallery to get a feel for the warmth and professionalism I bring to the ceremonies I perform.

At our first consultation, I will start with the “big picture” you have in mind for your commitment ceremony and then move into details. Then over the next few weeks or months, I will liaise with you until you feel the ceremony has the words, music and symbols that truly express the love and commitment you feel for each other. About a week before the commitment ceremony, we will have a rehearsal. And finally, there’s the “big day” with a ceremony that all will remember and enjoy!

I would love to work with you to develop a personalised and meaningful commitment ceremony. Afterwards if you desire, I will present you with a special “Commitment Certificate” keepsake.


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